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Fit Tip #13

July 10, 2009

Rest is one Fit Tip you’ll sure need to know. Let’s see: Stretch, strength, balance, endurance: Just 4 to go!


Fit Tip #11

July 7, 2009

Older and stiffer? Older and sore? To avoid that fate: Do stretches galore. (Yoga, too: Good for U! :-))

Fit Tip #8

July 5, 2009

Problem with workouts: work. A much better option: play. Get out of the gym; go dance. Take a glorious bike ride today.

Fit Tip #7

July 4, 2009

Do you notice how you want to move – & eat, & when? Path to fitness: noticing. The same as path to Zen.

Fit Tip# 6

July 3, 2009

All fitness plans falter. The best of us blow it. We pig out. We zone out. We need self-love. Show it.

Fit Tip #5

July 2, 2009

My path to fitness: paved w pain: Shoulders & knees, oh my. But each “ouch” teaches me something. Each “ouch” leads me to why.

Fit Tip #4

July 1, 2009

Today I dove into the ocean. Dove out refreshed, anew. Like a dolphin, I’m swimming, diving thru life. And asking: U too?