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November 16, 2009

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Fit Tip #22

August 7, 2009

Your body’s going to go to pot
Just ask your oldest friends
I know this isn’t real good news
Or news at all: Life ends.
So what’s the point? What can you do
‘Tween now and your last breath?
WORK OUT. Each step puts distance
‘Tween you and illness, death.
(Ok, this morning’s message
Is not one filled with cheer
It’s hopeful, though, and loving too:
I want you strong. And here.)

Green Peppers

July 30, 2009

Today I bought a fridge!

and took it to my office

I filled it with green peppers

To munch on while I work.

My colleagues think I’m nuts!

To munch on my green peppers

But peppers make me happy

I whistle while I work.

I also keep a toothbrush

To use before I whistle

I’d rather not have green teeth

And look too much the jerk.