Easy, Effective Diet Plan

Eat less for dinner.

That’s pretty much it. Eat a normal breakfast and lunch. Snack if you’re hungry.

Oh yeah – choose healthy foods. That’s a big caveat.

But the real trick to this diet — or maintenance plan — is to eat less for dinner. Just a little less, so you go to bed a wee big hungry.

Lying there in bed, you don’t need to do anything (usually,) so you don’t need fuel. You can let your body burn off a few calories because of the caloric deficiency you just created by eating a little less than you were hungry for.

The next morning, eat a normal breakfast. Eat a normal lunch. Oh yeah – keep choosing healthy foods. Then eat less for dinner.

The reason this works is because you’re not starving yourself. You don’t feel deprived, emotionally or physically. You just feel a wee bit hungy – which, on the way to sleep, I find to be a rather pleasant sensation, much preferable to going to bed full.

Most importantly, you wake up happy, because you’re a little thinner – and you still get to eat a regular breakfast and lunch.

Mariah Burton Nelson
American Association for Physical Activity and Recreation

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One Comment on “Easy, Effective Diet Plan”

  1. carib102 Says:

    It’s a good idea, but how much extra weight loss will it lead to? I think it could be even more effective if you exercise first thing in the morning. That way your bodies stores of glycogen would be low already and you would be using primarily fat as your energy source.

    Of course if you are trying to maintain your muscle while you diet this could be counter productive. And it is definitely in your best interest to spare as much muscle as possible since it is well known that lean muscle mass spurs your metabolism, the more you have the faster you will burn calories at rest.


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